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I play lacrosse,I love a wide variety of music, shows&books;, but I am mainly a fantasy nerd. I also enjoy art metals. I have a younger sister&brother;

La Follette

Mortuary Science

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Most likely my favorite song in The Wall. This song has such deep meaning-it's really hard to find music now days that has this kind of meaning! The Trial has even deeper of a meaning when you see it come alive in the movie The Wall. Btw-great animation for the time it was made! I recommend watching it!

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The Nobodies by Marilyn Manson reflects how the media used the Columbine shooting as a way to up their ratings-how morals are not in marketing. I feel that this song puts some moral back into the world. The fact that people don't think Manson is a good guy is ridiculous, he's got morals and is an artistic genius to top it off!

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I've always loved Branagh's version of Hamlets To Be of Not to Be because of the thought that went into it. Branagh's’ version of Hamlet’s “To Be, or Not To Be” soliloquy is the most powerful out of the versions I've watched before.

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You'll most likely want a friend to help you out. I've tried a couple different methods to dread some of my hair and it never worked-I'm hoping to try the twist&rip; method sometime soon

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The king!

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Sinatra was so suave

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Great song featured in the Lord of the Rings soundtrack

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Chill song

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