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Traveling the world will give you more education than any textbook, you will become more well rounded and know more about yourself as you learn about others.

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Simple yet effective tips for every girl.

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Make sure you choose good ones!

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I have the crazy natural curly hair that every girl with the same "blessing" as me seems to just straighten over every day. Well I say go natural... That's right NATURAL. It takes time to figure out your own hair, but once you have its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Don't be afraid to try new things and there will be a few bad hair days, but once you accept you hair whether it being board straight, wavy, or afro like mine you will be the happiest little hair lover that has ever existed. Lets see who can go two weeks without any heat and see who passes the test. Ps. You will get a ton more sleep!

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This video is about beauty profiling, in a way of looking more as a natural and individual way. Not so much as the outside appearance. Its about finding out who you are by the chemicals and natural ways of the earth around you. Finding out who you are, isn't always who you are supposed to be, once you have found out what you as a individual person you are able to project an energy that is the most confident and self respected. All credit goes to: Carol Tuttle and her team

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