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You guys know how Kingdom Hearts II came out 10 years ago, right? And how KH 2.5 HD is coming out soon/already released? The foreshadowing is real :D

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Funny LoL Comics!

This is one of the comic strips of League from the LoL Facebook Page. They post a lot of cool stuff including updates, fan art, and "Sunday Morning LoLz" (Which is where this comic is from)

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Where did the poor meatball live? The Spaghetto! What is an Italian's favorite dish on Halloween? Fettuccine a-fraid-o! Did you know that there are over 200 kinds of noodles? The pasta-bilities are ENDLESS!!!

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This song is extremely dark and rich, and I believe it give a good showcase of the alto voice range. :)

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This is the most beautiful piece of choral music I have ever listened to. This piece is a great one to show the true musicality and potential of advanced choirs everywhere; I hope to one day be able to sing this piece in a choir. I just cannot stop listening to it.

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