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25 facts about the Harry Potter series.

Posted in Harry Potter (film series)

Where instruments are generally located in an orchestra.

Posted in Orchestra

The Spongebob website has episodes and Spongebob games.

Posted in SpongeBob SquarePants

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Posted in Munchkin (cat)

Munchkin Cat in action!

Posted in Munchkin (cat)

Did you know that the biggest ice cream sundae weighed over 24 tons? A link to a few more facts about ice cream.

Posted in Ice cream

25 interesting facts about dreams.

Posted in Dream (disambiguation)

Where Good Ideas Come From- Steven Johnson. An entertaining and informative video on how innovations happen.

Posted in Innovation

Here is a gallery of 14 very beautiful pictures from space with descriptions.

Posted in Outer space

Hot air balloon always have a risk that goes with them. This link provides an example of how a hot air balloon can cause devastating damage. 21 passengers in Egypt died from this hot air balloon crash. There is a video and news story.

Posted in Hot air balloon