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Trippy deer

Isn't this such a beautiful deer?

Posted in Deer

To the moon

My dad and I always would say this every night when he tucked me in

Posted in Love

Hang loose y'all

This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken- the beautiful sun reflecting on the wet sand, my hair full of beach waves and natural highlights, and my ring my boyfriend gave me. Pure bliss.

Posted in Shaka sign

Burn your abs

This ab workout works all of your core, lowers, upper, obliques, all of it

Posted in Abdominal exercise

Young Love

Hippie teenagers in love

Posted in Kiss

Relaxation- fire & water

I don't see how this could get any better

Posted in Fire

Soccer Sunset

Sunset over the Roanoke College soccer field when they played Christopher Newport in 2013

Posted in Roanoke College

Life truly is better

Choose to be happy and laugh through out life

Posted in Laughter

Trippy Tree

A tree looking through a bubble it seems

Posted in Tree

The sun setting over the lake

The sunset is always breathtaking over the water

Posted in Sunset