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Cell Cake

Getting ready to make one of these for a biology project! What a great and tasty way to learn!

Posted in Cake

Best Gymnast, Best Book!

Not only is she inspirational in the gym, but her book is even more so! Truly beautiful story of living life to the fullest, trusting God, and sticking the landing even when life, or the stunt, is difficult.

Posted in Gymnastics

Wonderful Movie!

Classic cat scene from one of my favorite Disney movies in general!

Posted in Cat

The real barbie

This is why girls have such a distorted body image! Why can't we just be happy with who we are on the inside. A healthy outside is all that matters!

Posted in Barbie

Oreo Love

Because sometimes, on a Friday especially, one just needs to enjoy an oreo! Here's to a week of hard work!

Posted in Oreo