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Crazy to see how much time we waste in our day to day lives.

Posted in Time

A little boy, friends with the group Pearl Jam, talks of his skin condition and his feelings toward it. It is a very touching video, this boy has to live with very fragile organs and skin day by day.

Posted in Disease

As sad as it is, I'm still getting cat calls on the streets and harassed by men for the way I look and because I'm a woman. I'm proud to be a feminist and I believe that we deserve equal rights and a right to feel safe and respected all of the time.

Posted in Sexism

I always get so angry when I hear someone talk about why "depressed people should just stop being sad and smile". It doesn't work that way-- depression is an illness. This article helps people to understand what depression really is.

Posted in Depression

This video highlights how ridiculous people's "First World Problems" are when people in places in poverty are suffering immensely and dealing with actual problems. All in all, the message in this video is to tell every viewer to be thankful for what you've been blessed with.

Posted in Third World

A lot of people joke of this disease, where a person can fall into a deep sleep at any given moment. It is scary what these people have to deal with day by day.

Posted in Narcolepsy

Its crazy how a manmade object that is so small and simple has changed our societies habits and way of life. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if our world stuck with flip phones, and never came up with the "Smartphone". Or even better, if cellphones ceased to exist.

Posted in Mobile phone