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Posted in Sussle

I just made the most amazing buffalo flavored wings using cauliflower. I baked them for 15 minutes, then added the hot sauce/butter mixture and baked again for another 10 minutes. AMAZING!

Posted in Vegetable

I have been attending Rutgers Camden and I had a great experience with one of my Professors. Her name is Patricia Kline. She taught me more than I ever thought imaginable. She not only taught our class about Business Communication, but she taught us how to succeed in business. She taught us how to get an interview, and land the job. Since having her class I have been on my third internship and my current one is with a huge global company. I can't thank her enough!

Posted in Teacher

I just found out that Golden Delicious Apples are fat burners... I've been eating them everyday!

Posted in Fruit

I found this place by accident walking down an alley in Rittenhouse Square. There were a bunch of people standing outside talking and smoking and I asked what the place was. They replied, "It's Stir, a bar". So I walked in and sat down. The bartender told me that the drink special was $1 drinks 9pm-12am. I was in heaven. Apparently they do this every Thursday, they call it STIRsday. Check it out.

Posted in Philadelphia

I just bought 20 48" zip ties to hold the insulation onto my duct work in our basement for my heating vents. I first used heat tape, but it kept coming loose. So I decided to find another solution. These worked great!!!

Posted in Cable tie