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Grand Valley State University

Biomedical Sciences

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Nobody Knows This Little Rose

Ah! little rose, how easy For such as thee to die! ~Emily Dickinson

Posted in Rose

The Rose Family

"The rose is a rose And was always a rose. But the theory now goes That the apple's a rose And the pear is, and so's The plum I suppose. The dear only knows What will next prove a rose. You, of course, are a rose - But were always a rose." ~Robert Frost

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This music video is absolutely hilarious! The look on his face.. everything he does... oh my goodness.. Koreans always make the best music videos! Can't figure if it's a spoof on Psy's Gangnam Style hah

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An artist's desk

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Taken in England. So, it's an English strawberry. (: Also strawberries aren't berries, they develop from the stamen of the flower, whereas it's the ovaries that normally "turn into" a fruit... but you already knew that...

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This peacock was missing a foot, and was usually really shy but we were able to hand feed it. Gorgeous bird, but it has an annoying call haha. For some reason the way he held himself, his expression, seemed kingly. Beautiful creation

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Don't push everyone away

Posted in Cactus

African Heart

I took this in Cameroon, on the West Coast of Africa. African sunsets are gorgeous, and consistent. :) No days lengthening or shortening with the seasons nonsense. My heart beats to an African drum and burns like the sun for home

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My South Korean classmate

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Love is sight

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