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Water Expressions

Asides from swimming my actual events, one of my absolute favorite things to do at swim meets are take pictures of my fellow team members. Yeah, they can have the funniest of faces but at the same time you're able to see the raw determination every competitor has to winning their event. Whether it's a simple 50 meter or the 500 meters, each swimmer finishes by the dock huffing and panting as if their life depended on it, and it did for those crucial seconds. This picture shows just how much energy and determination needed to be able to finish off well feeling accomplished. And yes, the individual in this photo did in fact win their event.

Posted in Swimming

2 Best Frenemies

In this photo I was able to capture 2 of my best friends: my younger sister of 7 years and the beloved family dog, Toby. Ironically enough, these 2 cannot get along well with each other for unknown reasons but just as this picture shows.. we can all come together on common ground. Nap time, at least.

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This picture was taken at a candle-lighting ceremony and I wasn't expecting this shot to come out as beautifully as it did. The simplest objects have the most pure beauty.

Posted in Bokeh

House On Fire Gone Unnoticed

The title explains it all. I was simply walking my dog whilst listening to my iPod, totally clueless to the raging beauty around me. And it wasn't until I had taken out my earphones when I noticed that everything around me was.. red. I looked up and was taken back by what was displayed in front of me. The sunset was at the perfect angle in which the house nearby appeared to be on fire, especially the with red and orange hues produced by the sun. It was simply spectacular.

Posted in Sunset

Photographers and Their 'Selfies"

Photographers are most comfortable positioned behind the camera as it provides them a sense of mystery with the subject. The figure on the right portrays how some photographers may feel when placed in front of the lens, quite exposed and uncomfortable. Just like the 'deer in the headlights' expression on the face of the figure on the right.

Posted in Portrait photography