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Hey, I'm Danielle! I'm super quirky :D My hobbies include smiling too much, running, and hanging out with friends/shopping/Netflix of course!

Hudsonville HS - Senior

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I have a boyfriend

Well.... Sort of ?

Posted in Boyfriend

The Office romance

I want a love like Jim and Pam's.

Posted in Love

Go for it!

Think about this... You have to take a risk if you want to achieve something great.

Posted in Motivation


Doesn't everyone want this?

Posted in Happiness


I toke this picture last Spring. Aren't these little guys adorable?

Posted in Bird

Ombre Rose Cake

I made this in my Advanced Foods class.

Posted in Birthday cake

One World

Love how they all chose to hold hands here. Symbolizes togetherness and with the Earth in the background, this is amazing.

Posted in Photography


I find so much beauty in the little things. This picture makes me nostalgic for those Summer nights.

Posted in Photography

A Girl's Best Friend

Isn't it wonderful when you're caught in a moment of true happiness?

Posted in Photography


Beautiful shot of the boats in Greece.

Posted in Photography