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Prepared for the apocolypse

Useful if a tornado blew through I suppose. Crisco always seems to be good for something.

Posted in Life hacking

Homemade Cheese

Nigerian goats are known for their candy sweet milk with a high butterfat ratio, making it ideal for drinking or producing high yields of cheese. They are also small, easy to handle, and economical to keep; making them the ideal dairy producer for a little homestead. In the link below, the author describes how she uses her Nigerian does (lady goats) to make her own fresh marinated feta cheese (recipe included).

Posted in Cheese

Chinchilla love

Chinchillas aren't very cuddly actually. Most are only fine if you hold their lordship respectfully on the palm of your hand (like in above), but they would usually tolerate being cuddled if you sneak some raisins in. ;) P.S. Snapshot tip, a chinchilla will stand up if you slowly lower your hand; as chinchillas prefer to keep their head at the same level. Therefore, it's actually easy to teach them to pose, if you have plenty of raisins.

Posted in Animal

Feed or be punished

Posted in Cat

Sad puppy

My cousin says that the puppy needs to wear pajamas to not be cold. Though I think Scamp would rather risk it than wear a pink frog suit.

Posted in Puppy

How to Hynotized a Bunny

1-relax the bunny. 2- slowly, SLOWLY, lean bunny backwards until the bunny is completely on its back. 3- gently stroke the nose bridge to maintain hypnotism (space between eyes and nose). Or, you just get a bunny like mine who just knocks itself out naturally haha

Posted in Animal

Well, it's mainly about traveling to Korea, but I felt that there were good flight tips that would work in other flights as well. To be honest, checking out foreigners blogs is best if you're thinking about traveling to any country.

Posted in Travel

hahaha Thor and Stark

Posted in Humour

Totoro and his friends

From the Studio Ghibli movie, "My Neighbor Totoro". The pattern can be found on Etsy

Posted in Amigurumi

hahaha true

Posted in Humour