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I used to think dating was a battle between our heads and our hearts- but I guess maybe it's just part of our brain arguing with another part- Freud, anyone?

Posted in Dating

Talk about a "teacup" dog!

No official labeling of a "teacup" breed currently exists. The smallest current breed of dog is the "toy" group.

Posted in Puppy

The human body is incredibly complex in its organization and structure. I am a visual learner and find this site very helpful for understanding such a complicated subject.

Posted in Human body

Cross-training is a beneficial way to train. It is great for those days when you want to mix up your routine due to monotony or as a challenge. As a runner, even on your "off days" you can find exercises that are going to contribute to your technique, stamina, and body mechanics.

Posted in Running

Anti-angiogenesis as a means to thwart disease proves the healing power that is inherent in so many easily- accessible and delicious foods. Knowledge is power.

Posted in Health

This gentleman captures the small and subtle intonations that represent the memorable and beloved characters.

Posted in Walt Disney Pictures