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Posted in Sussle

Strawberry and Chocolate DIY

Put strawberries in an ice cube tray and add chocolate. Next put them in the freezer until frozen. What a great and tasty idea!

Posted in Strawberry

This instrumental is such a feel good song! It's by the guitarist from the RHCP. Give it a listen, you may dance a little!

Posted in Red Hot Chili Peppers

You're Beautiful

Please remember that you are beautiful no matter what. Do not ever forget that and do not let anyone tell you different.

Posted in Beautiful

DIY Laundry Organizer

Look at this amazing DIY laundry organizer I stumbled across today! What a great idea!

Posted in Craft

Beautiful Wallpaper

Just want to share the beauty of this wallpaper- not very common to see this in a home.

Posted in Wallpaper