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Always makes me laugh xD

Posted in Humour

I want a friend named Harry just so whenever he comes to me with problems I can say "Sounds like a Harry situation!"

Posted in Humour

This looks ridiculous in slow motion!

Posted in Water balloon

Ideal Boyfriend

Perfect in every way

Posted in Adobe Photoshop

Who is the Atlantic Ocean's girlfriend?

Ok I'll admit, that joke's a little fishy.....don't be salty though! ;)

Posted in Joke

Photoshop or nah?

Photoshop or nah? I'll let you decide. Nevertheless, my boyfriend and I are perfect for each other

Posted in Derp

Emily Kriss just earned a profile!

Please welcome Emily by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

You like puns?

Original jokes are the best because no one knows the answer

Posted in Joke

Roatan, Honduras

The beautiful island of Roatan, Honduras!

Posted in Landscape photography