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Justin Bieber was one of the top performers of 2012. he was born in Canada on March 1st,1994.

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Did you know that there are 16 Six flags locations in the U.S? Six flags is one of the most widely known amusement parks around the U.S also with the inclusion of water parks and arcade games with their many roller coasters! There are also many restaurants and gift shops to visit once you finally decide to make the trip to your Six Flags destination.

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Update on whats going on in the controversial Trayvon Martin case and the witness of the prosecution. Must read!

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In April 2012 the following were recorded as being the top viewed on Disney channel. Shake it Up Phineas and Ferb Ant Farm Austin and Ally Jessie Fish Hooks Which one is your favorite? Link:

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How can you not love this movie after watching this scene? Hahaha!

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As of 2013 Saint Louis is now the 4th most dangerous city in the U.S which actually just surprises me since I have lived here my whole life in both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas!

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Softball became my heart when I was around 6 or 7 years old. I played for years in local leagues through elementary,middle school and on my high school's team. I let my love of it start to dissolve during my high school years when I saw my teammates not care about the sport and see the competition of the game as something that was a waste of time. My own teammates didn't care that much so why should I? I basically became captain of my Varsity softball high school team when I was just a sophmore because I had the most enthusiasm for it..moral of the story I regret not giving my all in something that I loved because of discouragement from others and whatnot.As a soon to be sophmore in college, I look back on how far I could have gotten had I not given up on something I loved!

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Just something to think about. shows both sides in a very expressive way!

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Play beach volleyball/build a large sandcastle Water balloon/water gun fight w/ family Make lemonade and kool aid pops/ ice cubes and go around trying to sell it or give it to little kids to sell Make homemade ice cream Roadtrip Make a scavenger hunt for other people to go on Get little kids and draw with sidewalk chalk Fly a kite Get a puzzle to put together Learn to play guitar Spend a day without electronics Sing and dance in the rain Volunteer somewhere Write a song Compliment 5 random strangers

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i was just wondering how the founder of came up with the name of his website. When being put into a translater it says that Sussle is found (detected) in the Estonian language.What does this word mean to you Mr. Kao?

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