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Absolutely! Without consumers there would be no designers. For one, designers need to make a living. In other words, designers need to make money which they earn from selling pieces of their collections to fashion buyers which eventually gets in the hands of the consumers. So, if customers don’t buy the fashion merchandise then designers will not make money. Secondly, the designers have to care about them because they want to make themselves known. In a way, designers use consumers as a way to show off their talent and market themselves. They use customers as a gateway to become noticed by those that are in the fashion industry.When designers are noticed by those that are in the fashion industry they become a familiar face in the industry.

Posted in Fashion design

No! Advertising a product to youth insinuates that the product is safe for kids. Even though consumers and their children have free-will, to a certain extent, harmful products can be detrimental to someone’s health or safety. In other words, advertising products that are harmful will send out bad messages, which lower the standards for our society and its environment. It will lead consumers to believe that products that are “unsafe” are now “safe”. Thus, advertising harmful products to consumers will cause society to become corrupt.

Posted in Business ethics

No. The next generation will be overwhelmed by the high expectations that their parents had in order to fit in with society. As technology gets more advanced and new ideas begin to surface, the next generation will not be able to keep up with future trends. Innovators will create more complex possessions and concentrate more on making a profit. The next generation will not give into temptation for luxury items that innovators intend to sell. Also, the next generation will be more careful on how they spend their money. Essentially, they will save more money and spend it on things that they need in their lives. As opposed to desire, value will be the next generation’s focus.

Posted in Generation

I believe that teenagers can become negatively persuaded by fashion and put unnecessary pressure on their parents and themselves in order to be popular. Most teenagers want to be superior to others. In terms of social status, they aspire to be perfect in which unknown to them is non-existent. Buying designer clothes gives them power over others. Also, teenagers need a sense of “praise” from their peers. It makes them feel good when they receive compliments from others. Just like going to a well-known college, such as Harvard University, consumers, mainly parents, are paying for the name and the prestige for the fashion labels of the products that they desire to purchase.

Posted in Brand

Yes, smoking should be banned from public places. Smoking has nothing but negative affects on someone. Smoking can cause lung cancer, heart attacks, stroke, emphysema and bronchitis. Smoking is dangerous for kids and non-smokers. Kids can develop asthma from inhaling smoke. Non-smokers who breathe the harmful air can suffer from second-hand smoke. Eventually, smoking can lead to death. With this said, the city council should get rid of smoking overall because it is nothing but dangerous to everyone in society.

Posted in Smoking

A big mac in moderation will not cause harm to kids. Other images of health products should be displayed in the media, too. On the other hand, portion size is a key factor. It makes all the difference. Portion size is one of the main causes of obesity in the United States. According to Google health, “obesity is a term used to describe body weight that is much greater than what is considered healthy.” The core of obesity is temptation, an inability to resist something that is desired. The solution proposed for people that are obese children in the United States is to maintain their weight by balancing their meals and exercising on a regular basis. Parents need to inform their children that too much of anything isn’t good for their health.

Posted in McDonald's

The reason that he should stop marketing these products is that they are harmful to their health. It is still not ethical to encourage young adults to use them. A study, which was conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, proved that smoking on occasion can cause consumers to smoke more often and begin to develop tolerance for it. Also, after continued consumption of alcohol beverages, many consumers become addicted to them. Reynolds implies that these products are good for you. This implication is invalid. Due to the fact that most young adults are less informed, they are more vulnerable to misleading messages from the media and their external environment. The flavor doesn’t expel the effects of these products.

Posted in R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company