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Beautiful Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

This may not be the most prettiest sunset photo, but it was absolutely beautiful seeing it in person. I went on a cruise from Tampa, Fl. to Cozumel, Mexico, and I watched the sun go down within 15 minutes! Not only that, but I was rushing to capture that moment due to the fact my camera was running out of battery.

Posted in Sunset

How Yoga Transforms Your Body

Yoga is more than mastering postures and increasing your flexibility and strength.

Posted in Yoga

'Tis The Season..

To the Christmas tree, wreath, presents, fire place, and so on

Posted in Christmas decoration

Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

You can never go wrong with these sweaters..

Posted in Christmas jumper

Ladies, we all have busy mornings and just don't have any time to fix our hair.. Well, here are some hairstyles you can learn and just take 5 minutes in the mornings to do!

Posted in Hairstyle

Here's a step by step hair tutorial by Etienne Ortega. Thanks to this tutorial, I'm able to get these big, voluminous, beautiful curls!

Posted in Hairstyle

Chalkboard Tree

Lights, garland, a few ornaments and a chalkboard tree drawn on the wall!

Posted in Christmas tree

Looking for some treats to make for the holidays? Click the link and look at the 15 easy to make and yummy goodies!

Posted in List of Christmas dishes

For those who are looking for their 1st lipstick or just wondering what color to get next.. MAC has the best lipstick and a huge selection. I'm sure you'd be able to figure out what color you'd like for your 1st purchase or your next purchase after watching this video!

Posted in MAC Cosmetics