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The most recent winner of the FIFA World Cup is Spain, who was the victor in a match against the Netherlands.

Posted in FIFA World Cup

Is there such thing as telekinesis in the real world?

Posted in Telekinesis (disambiguation)

Lasers are awesome. They are used for a lot of things. But how exactly does a laser work? Watch this video and learn how as Billy shows you the operations

Posted in Laser

Did you know that the Cowboys have won the Superbowl 5 times? I still have hope for my boys!

Posted in Football

The sun gives us light and warmth. Our lives basically depend on it. Here are cool 10 interesting facts about the sun

Posted in Sun

The infinity sign is called a lemniscate

Posted in Infinity

Did you know that there is a breed of dogs that are called Klee Kai? They are basically mini Siberian Husky dogs and are so adorable

Posted in Dog

Daning is a great way for people to express themselves

Posted in Dance

I train at White Tiger in Cary, NC (the biggest martial arts school in the US) and it is a great way to learn new tricks and stay active. Hapkido is great for self defense and for more offensive and tournament based, there is Taekwondo which I also do

Posted in Martial arts

For Americans, the US flag is a great symbol of the country and people and is to be treated with great respect. How did this magnificent flag come to be? Who designed it? This video gives you a history of the flag

Posted in Flag of the United States