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Here is a wonderful plethora of amazing giraffe facts! Thank you BuzzFeed!

Posted in Giraffe

Here is a different type of sand art - on a light box. Blows my mind!

Posted in Sand art and play

I hadn't heard of crayon art until I saw someone post it on sussle.... so i did some research, and I think this is impressive. I'd like to try so intricate crayon art, myself

Posted in Art

Sweet elephant video - tara and bella; elephant and dog who were best friends!

Posted in Elephant

In the UK there are no official graduation ceremonies for finishing High School; you don't even get your exam results back until the end of August!

Posted in Graduation

This is my favourite giraffe picture to date

Posted in Giraffe

Here is a really good grits recipe I made this morning. I added a 1/4 cup of grated cheddar cheese, and topped wit a soft fried egg. Don't forget to add the grits in SLOWLY, while whisking, to avoid lumps. And fill the pan with hot water after serving, or else it will be a pain to clean. Enjoy!

Posted in Grits

[doooobie-doobie-doob-ah, doooobie-doobie-doob-ah] [doooobie-doobie-doob-ah, doooobie-doobie-doob-ah] He's a semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action! [doooobie-doobie-doob-ah, doooobie-doobie-doob-ah] He's a furry little flat-foot, who'd never flinch from the fray(ey-ey) He's got more than just mad skills; [dun-dun-dunnah!] He's got a beaver tail and a bill, [dun-dun-dunnah!] And the women swoon, when ever they here him say: grrrrrrr [Ahhhhh!] He's Peeh-rrrryyy! Perry the Platypus!

Posted in Perry the Platypus

Ever wonder what this extinct marsupial looked like in real life? Here is a video, by David Fleay, of the last known living Thylacine

Posted in Thylacine

An article about devils' strange, transmissible face cancer

Posted in Tasmanian devil