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A cute idea to use beer and soda bottle caps!

Posted in Craft

This one is great! Cutting board and cheese slicer!

Posted in Cutting board

One great club that I have become a part of on campus is Circle K! If you like to get involved in the community and meet new friends, this club is fantastic! I have been able to volunteer at the animal shelter, cancer walks as well as homeless shelters through my involvement in Circle K!

Posted in Rochester Institute of Technology

I feel that running is one of the most rewarding forms of physical exercise! It may be strenuous but it is definitely heart healthy as well as a stress reliever!

Posted in Physical exercise

The date has passed but there is even a Pride parade and festival on Long island for those who are not able to travel to the city!

Posted in Pride parade

Even the queen is a forward thinker on this!!

Posted in Same-sex marriage