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Rapping without using the letter "E"

Posted in Rapping

If there is any one Broadway show you can watch before you die, let it be The Lion King

Posted in The Lion King

It doesn't get any more cuter than this!

Posted in Cuteness

Probably one the most popular sign language performance on Youtube

Posted in American Sign Language

Amazing eye-witness of a cheetah chasing its prey. But watch how the impala escapes!

Posted in Impala

Two down to earth guys who show you how to work out and explain the procedures to get into shape for that perfect beach body

Posted in Bodybuilding

A world without mobile!

Posted in Mobile

There are torrents out there for the iOS7 that is to be released in the Fall. It's up to you to take the risk. I have friends who have gone that route and I must say, the upgrade is pretty awesome.

Posted in Apple Inc.

Unusually, the book portrays more drama, more suspense, more romance, and more emotions. My point? READ THE BOOK!

Posted in The Hunger Games (film)

Spiderman knows how to ball!

Posted in Spider-Man