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College junior, cat and theatre enthusiast.

Arizona State University


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When you come back from school break and your teacher asks why you didn't do your homework

Posted in School holiday

If you like the board game Settlers of Catan, check out this amazing custom designed game board! Made with clay and resin, and beautifully painted, this is definitely the best game board I've seen!

Posted in The Settlers of Canaan

This 15 year old created her own company, and it became so successful that she had to hire a CEO so she could start high school! Great article.

Posted in Business

This dad takes his kids' drawings on his business trips with him, and brings them back fully colored in! He's actually quite the artist, the finished pictures look very good. Click on the link to see his creations!

Posted in Coloring

Ever wonder where your favorite celebrities go on vacation? Twin Farms resort is a 5 star hotel buried in the hills of Barnard, Vermont. It's an extremely fancy resort where celebrities can go to spend time in the country and get away from the paparazzi!

Posted in Celebrity

Date Ideas

Some date ideas if you're sick of dinner and movies. They're so creative and fun!

Posted in Date

There's an app called Pact on the app store that pays you to work out! You make a weekly "pact" with yourself as to how many times you'll go to the gym or how much healthier you'll eat, and if you stick to it, you'll get paid the money from people who didn't follow their pact! Careful though, that could be you if you don't take it seriously! A fun and healthy concept!

Posted in Gym

Feeding the Kitty

So sweet! Here's a dairy farmer giving cats milk while milking his cows.

Posted in Cat

Boyfriend Remote

Hilarious remote to control a boyfriend!

Posted in Boyfriend



Crazy 3D tattoo: the leg looks hollow!

Posted in Tattoo