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Where did the four suits come from?...

Well the suits started off as COINS, CUPS, SWORDS, and STICKS... But later evolved into diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.

Posted in Playing card

Boxers were developed in Germany as police dogs.

Posted in Dog

German Shepherds are considered the third most intelligent dog.

Posted in Dog

Set a record..

Largest bubble gum blown ever was 50.8 cm or 20in. in diameter

Posted in Bubble gum

Zebras are actually black with white stripes...

Zebra herds can include thousands of zebras; but within the herd, there are families that stick together.

Posted in Zebra

Elephants drink about 50 gallons of water A DAY

Posted in Elephant

Giraffe Family

Male Giraffes can reach 20 ft Female Giraffes about 14 ft & Baby are 6 ft tall

Posted in Giraffe

New York Never Sleeps


Posted in New York

Christmas Tree

Posted in Gift

Christmas... Love.. Peace..& Family

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