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Who are you? Why were you sent here? What is your purpose?

Posted in Identity

Get in the spirit of Christmas early this year! Lend a helping hand, and help us keep the true meaning of Christmas in our perspectives this year and every year!

Posted in Christmas

Temples are not just beautiful to look at~ they are one of the most special and spiritual aspects of the LDS church!

Posted in Temple (LDS Church)

Don't Judge! Are we looking through our own unclean windows?

Posted in Judgement

Families exist beyond the grave. Genealogy is exciting! ever wondered why? Your ancestors are on the other side guiding and influencing you! find out more at:

Posted in Genealogy

Parents!!! Please watch!

Posted in Parent

Reading scripture and learning from the pages of holy text is just like gaining friends. Great example/parable!

Posted in Religious text

It's kinda like making lots of friends

Posted in Friends

I have let Him down plenty of times, but He has never let me down!

Posted in Redemption

Marriage is a living thing. Nuture it. Let it grow!

Posted in Marriage