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True Terror

I am the blonde in the red tank top on the left side of the picture. It was my first time on this ride, and I truly was terrified. My face, however, is priceless.

Posted in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Jamie as Peter Pan

This is my friend Jamie, dressed as Peter Pan, at her favorite place -- Disneyland. She is 18-years-old in the picture, and has had this costume since she was 10-years-old. She still fits!

Posted in Fantasyland

BFD 2013

Fun story: Awolnation is one of my favorite bands. They played the main stage of BFD 2013. Unfortunately, I had a lawn ticket, so I didn't expect to ever get the setlist. After their set ended, out of nowhere a piece of paper started rolling up the hill toward me. I picked it up, and sure enough it was the setlist!

Posted in KITS

First Time

This was my first time skydiving, and it was a wonderful view free falling over Moneterey Bay!

Posted in Tandem skydiving


I got to meet the band members of high-energy band Wallpaper.

Posted in Wallpaper (band)

I am curious as to how this law came into being? What was so terrible about the sale of donut holes?

Posted in Dumb laws