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A picture from June of 2013 that I took of the Eiffel Tower. The view from the top was so breathtaking and beautiful. Definitely something I'll never forget!

Posted in Eiffel Tower

This is a picture of myself and a friend from Pointe Du Hoc over the summer. It was such a surreal experience to be there on the D-Day anniversary and be able to walk through that area. I had only learned about Omaha Beach before I had gone, but now I realized just how hard it was for our soldiers to go into Pointe Du Hoc.

Posted in Pointe du Hoc

This interactive site has a lot of information on Kennedy, as well as Lee Harvey Oswald. Also if you haven't seen Killing Kennedy, I highly recommend it. I'm watching it for the third time now!

Posted in John F. Kennedy


One of the pictures I took of Joey at Apocalyptour in June of last summer! It was such an amazing show and I can't wait for them to tour again.

Posted in StarKid Productions

This is a personal picture from when I visited Pont D'Hoc, one of the beaches they landed on for D-Day. This bomb crater was about 2 miles inland and one of the hundreds upon that area.

Posted in Normandy landings