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tattoos. one of the many forms of art.

Posted in Art

I have been doing this work out by Anytime Fitness and I can honestly say I am seeing positive changes to by body. Hard work really does pay off :)

Posted in Physical fitness

The truth about love... sad but true.

Posted in Love

Pomeranians are super loyal. Best Friends

Posted in Pomeranian (dog)

Too cute !

Posted in Pomeranian (dog)

song was kind of weird but this has got to be the coolest origami I have ever seen !

Posted in Origami

OMG Im in love with these heels from Skyline couture.

Posted in Shoe

Penguins may be deemed flightless birds but that doesn't mean they don't try !

Posted in Penguin

like this post if you like this Baby doll prom dress!

Posted in Fashion

Pitch Perfect audition! Made me laugh :)

Posted in Pitch Perfect