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My name is Tatum, I'm 16 and a junior. I love to work with children and really enjoy helping people out!

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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DIY Baby Headbands- Flowers- Cut a circle of felt out. Take a 12-18 in piece of fabric, tie in a knot on one end then glue to the circle. Twist and glue continuously until you get a darling little rose! Elastic- use baby head sizing chart. Cut the desired length of your stretch elastic. Bring two ends together and sew together with a few stitches, then cover it with your flower. P.S. Made the darling headbands in the picture myself! :)

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Even the simple things matter the most.

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Love is knowing there is no one else that could possibly compare in your entire lifetime,

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It's a quarter till whisk ;)

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A Bad Apple, Literally,

Beware of feeding apple cores to your cuddly pups. The cores are extremely toxic to dogs. They contain cyanogenic glycosides, or cyanide if you prefer. Side effects of eating the toxic apple core are: dizziness, seizures, and sadly, death. Apple cores are safe for humans to consume, but who eats them anyways? Keep your little fur babies safe from apple cores and all will be well!

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Did you know that if ice sank, all of Earth's water supply would become frozen solid. Making life on Earth virtually impossible. Good thing water has those handy hydrogen bonds

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