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Posted in Sussle

For anyone who cannot wait for the Game Theory explanation for FNAF 4, the kid is Purple Guy's Son. He becomes the spirit that dwells within Golden Freddy. His father inevitably ends up in Springtrap AKA Golden Bonnie. The reason for the murders was a gradual way to achieve revenge on the children, including his elder son, who murdered the main character of FNAF 4.

Posted in Five Nights at Freddy's (series)

If There's Any Consolation

I took AP Chemistry and am choosing to major in Chemistry, but this is probably the only thing I can currently comprehend and appreciate after the AP exam this past June and I have to say, Avogadro was one classy man.

Posted in Chemistry


This guy got me started in Minecraft nearly 5 years ago and he is honestly one of the most kind-hearted and kid friendly commentator out there. You go BajanCanadian!!! #InBenjaWeTrust

Posted in Minecraft

If Sicilians are known for anything, its our singing ability and like Americans with Country music, being able to write songs about anything!

Posted in Sicily

In today's world, there seems to be a large interest in taking pieces of the past and making something new and interesting. My band and I have been working hard on this with our original music and covers. We are The Government and although this video is a year old, this is one of our most requested songs in Staten Island, NY. Hope you enjoy! #RockNRoll

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