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Did you know that the Nazi soldiers would shave the heads of all incoming prisoners and then use that hair to stuff the pillows of such prisoners...

Posted in The Holocaust

One evening in a gay bar, police invaded the area (typical) and began to beat and arrest innocent gays and lesbians etc. After so many raids, the community was tired of being pushed around, so at a following raid, the LGBT community stood up for themselves. Better yet, a drag queen threw a bottle of liquor at a police officer and the Stonewall Riots began!

Posted in LGBT history

The reason for pride events being in June is because that is the same month that the Stonewall Riots began to occur in "gay bars"

Posted in LGBT history

Did you know that weight lifting encourages weight loss? If you want to try and shed some more fat from those unwanted areas, incorporate weight lifting into your gym routines

Posted in Weightlifting

Queer as Folk

If you have no idea what show to watch next on Netflix.....Queer as Folk is your answer!

Posted in Queer as Folk

Stefan Alvidrez just earned a profile!

Please welcome Stefan by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

Given the correct ally champions, you can create a great CC and damage heavy combo with two of the five allies. The wombo combo is called Gnarvan! Simply, ult into a crowd of enemies with Jarvan's ultimate, then use Gnar to jump (E) into the area, stunning enemies and proceed to rack up tons of damage against the enemy team!

Posted in League of Legends

New Album release

Atreyu has announced that they will be releasing a new album in September of 2015

Posted in Atreyu (band)

Good Charlotte album "Cardiology"

Cardiology was the most recent album by Good Charlotte Released in 2010 The band wanted to create a new album, but still include their "punk roots" from their self titled album in 2000

Posted in Good Charlotte

Using pings and other in game sounds to create a cover of a notoriously known techno song!

Posted in League of Legends