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Custom Champion Saddle

In many rodeos, the champion wins a saddle. In this case, the winner got a custom saddle tooled and sized to the winner's desires.

Posted in Western saddle


At every home football game, the student section get to hold the giant emblem flag.

Posted in University of Arizona

Rattlesnake bite

A rattlesnake bite on this dog caused extreme swelling of the dog's face. Ultimately, the dog survived but suffered through the venom for a few days.

Posted in Rattlesnake

Ranch Horse

Horses are indispensable on cattle ranches. They are used to herd cattle, rope cattle, check fences, as well as for companionship to the rancher.

Posted in Working animal

Red Picacho

Scenic mountains and iconic saguaros make up the landscape in central Arizona

Posted in Sonoran Desert