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Code monkey, gardener, knitter, not in any particular order. My best golf score is about the same as my best bowling score.

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3D Printed Earrings in Plastic

The great thing about 3D printed plastic earrings is that they are extremely light so they don't weigh down your ear lobes even if they are larger in size. This will be important as years go by and you notice that your ear lobes are sagging, along with other things :)

Posted in 3D printing

3D Printed Earrings

I've been caught up lately in the craze of making jewelry by 3D printing. Here's a pair that is printed in nylon/plastic.

Posted in Jewellery

Faux bronzed shoes planters

A friend made these faux bronzed shoes by painting them with blue paint for the laces and trim and using bronze paint for the rest of the shoes. They are used as planters for some of her cactus collection.

Posted in Craft

Abacus bead knitting

I found this photo on instagram. There are no instructions, but I think it's not hard to figure how to do it. I think it's just knitting a few stitches here and there with multiple beads in between

Posted in Knitting

Wall hanging made with paper rosettes

I recently made this wall hanging from paper rosettes. It hangs over the bed in a guest bedroom. The idea and some of the supplies came from the Rosette Art book by Cathe Holden. There's a bit more info on my blog.

Posted in Do it yourself

The selfie in fashion

I spotted this in a Macy's window earlier this year.

Posted in Selfie

Art installations

On my recent trip in late September 2014, the town had this area that contained various forms of outdoor art installations. This particular piece seems to consist of old typewriters resting on old desks.

Posted in Pioneertown, California

Hello Kitty Jet

I believe someone posted a photo of the Hello Kitty Jet earlier -- I thought I would include a link to a gallery of photos from EVA airlines showing some pics from the jet.

Posted in Hello Kitty

These two are peeking into a window of the library in Los Altos, CA. They look like llamas to me.

Posted in Sculpture

Sunburst cactus

This is a great example of a sunburst cactus. In botanical terminology, cacti are succulents.

Posted in Succulent plant