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Did You Know About this Interesting Trivia Behind Castle?

For instance; Nathan Fillion supposedly went through 150 actresses to find the perfect Beckett. The actors that play Detective Ryan and his wife are married in real life. And that, supposedly, at least once every episode Detective Ryan is seen carrying one Richard Castle's Books. And there's much more cool Castle Trivia at the URL below.

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Quotes From the Space Race are my Favorite

Gene Kranz was the flight director for NASA during the Gemini and Apollo missions and, although he didn't actually say it, his most famous quote is from the movie Apollo 13 where Gene Kranz (Played by Ed Harris) said "Failure is not an option!"

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The First Pokémon Created Aren't who you Thought they were.

That's right, it wasn't your beloved Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur; instead the first few Pokémon created where Rhydon, Lapras, and Clefairy.

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Boy Scout builds Nuclear Reactor in Back Yard

David Hahn was a boy scout trying to earn his "Boy Scout Atomic Energy Merit Badge" when neighbors reported that his shed was glowing due to the nuclear reactor he was building. The FBI was called in and Hahn and his parents were forced to pay $60,000 to clean up the damages.

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Mexican Drug Lord "El Chapo" Puts $100 Million Bounty on Donald Trump

Donald Trump has always been a strong advocate for strict immigration controls with our friends down south. But now El Chapo, who just escaped from prison and is considered the most dangerous man in Mexico, has said that he will give a $100 million reward to anyone who gives him Donald Trump's head. He has also reportedly threatened to kidnap his daughter if he does not pay $250 million.

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Jacob Reichhardt just earned a profile!

Please welcome Jacob by checking out the profile:

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New X-COM game to be released this November!!!

Firaxis really out did themselves with X-COM: Enemy Unknown and Enemy within. But now they've unveiled their newest edition to the classic alien shoot-em-up and it looks amazing! All aboard the hype train! Choo Choo!

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One idea for the Space shuttle was to strap it onto a Saturn V!

We all know the space shuttle with its iconic orange liquid fuel tanks and 2 side mounted solid rocket boosters. But did you know that one of the early ideas to launch the space shuttle was to stick onto a modified Saturn V rocket!?

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Have any of you heard of this mars mission simulator?

I tried this game out a while ago and it really caught my eye. Almost all the popular mars missions are recreated with excruciating detail. You can even design and manage your own mars exploration team and develop your own mars missions and hope that something doesn't break on the descent! You can even get to the point where you can colonize mars if you work enough at it.

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Meet Max

Max is a Shizu we found on the side of the road a while ago. He had a skin infection all over and hair as long as 3 inches. One day we came home and heard a strange noise and found that he had accidentally knocked his right eye out during the excitement of us coming home. Thankfully he still has his other eye although he has trouble sometimes finding where people are.

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