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Back in school hoping to start a new career.

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Medical Billing and Coding

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Funny Dragon Cartoon

Well, that din't work out like it was supposed to. lol

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Cats being cool.

Hey bro, thanks for bringing the booze.

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Cat's know...

...and they won't let us forget either. lol

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Come Forth, Fellow Dragon Fans!

I love dragons; in art, literature, and films. My favorites are ones that project power, strength and beauty in perfect balance, as the white dragon in this image does. When I saw that this page was empty, I just knew I had to contribute. So come on, let's get the ball rolling!

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The Alzheimer's Association website is a great place for those who wish to support Alzheimer's research. There is information on the disease and regular updates on research efforts. There are resources for providing help and support for caregivers, and family members of people living with the disease. Also a link to the Walk to End Alzheimer's, a year-round fundraising event that is hosted in cities around the country.

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There are so many homeless animals in Tucson, Az, and despite the tireless efforts of the staff an volunteers, there are always far more animals in need. I volunteer because I love animals, and I always feel the love in return from the cats and dogs who are so grateful for even the brief company I give them. I most heartbreaking thing though is that there are homeless animal in every community in every state in the nation. So if you are reading this, and you are not in Tucson, please take to google, and search for your local animal shelter. Please consider helping out in any way (volunteer, donate, foster, adopt, fund raise) because even the smallest contribution could be enough to save a life.

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Crystal Edmonds just earned a profile!

Please welcome Crystal by checking out the profile:

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Cats are divine and they know it. LOL

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Education is the key to a more peaceful world.

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Applying for aid just got a little less frustrating.

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