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Posted in Sussle

DIY Gift

I made this for my best friends parents when they got married. It's simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful. Make it for a friend who's going to college out of state, a childhood friend who moved away, family members out of state, as a wedding gift, or anything else you can think of. All you need is 4 materials, wood, paint(optional), nails, and string. Either print out a outline of your preferred state and trace it onto the wood or free hand the outline directly onto the wood and start nailing and stringing away!

Posted in Do it yourself

Beautiful Eyes

What an amazing eye color! They're blue with an explosion of yellow. Do you know anyone with eyes like this?

Posted in Eye

Try searching "*your county/city* yard sale" on Facebook. If your area doesn't have one, consider starting one and inviting all your Facebook friends to join. It's a great way to both buy and sell gently used items from clothes to furniture and everything in-between. I just scored a beautiful, authentic Coach wristlet for under $10 dollars on my county's local yard sale page. Also its a great way to make money too! Clean out your closet, jewelry box, and anything else and post pictures on the yard sale page with reasonable prices and in no time you'll be making some money.

Posted in Shopping

New Way To Fry An Egg

Fried eggs can get boring, right?? WRONG. Try slicing up red, green, or yellow peppers into rings and fry an egg in the middle. My personal favorite? Slice up up an onion into rings and fry an egg in the middle of it. It's delicious and healthy.

Posted in Recipe

Water Marble Nails

Water marble nails are GORGEOUS, but can sometimes take way to long to do and be a big mess. A easy way to have pretty water marble nails is to just do one accent nail in water marble and the rest painted a solid color, as shown in the picture!

Posted in Nail polish