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This was a pretty good website that shows an evolution of the uniform through the PD pictures every decade or so from 1950-2007.

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Why Do We Call Police Officers Cops? It's Not What You Think....

The term Copper was the original, unshortened word, originally used in Britain to mean "someone who captures". (In British English the term Cop is recorded (Shorter Oxford Dictionary) in the sense of 'To Capture' from 1704, derived from the Latin 'Capere' via the Old French 'Caper'.[5]) The common myth is that it's a term referring to the police officer's buttons which are made of copper. The picture above is a portion of the 1920's New York police force. There are many more interesting names for cops, and terms applying to police men that are widely unknown. Check out the source below!

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The Power of Peace

The following is an excerpt from Virgil's Aeneid (From Ancient Rome). This poem is part of the Roman national Epic it "tell[s] the story of Aeneas, the leader of the Trojans, and his journey after the fall Troy that led to the founding of Rome." High on the stern Aeneas his stand, And held a branch of olive in his hand, ... This message bear: The Trojans and their chief Bring holy peace, and beg the king's relief." Virgil was one of Charles Thomson's favorite poets. Thomson was the secretary of the continental congress ( who drafted and proposed the original american seal with an olive branch in the talon of an American Bald Eagle. He said it symbolizes "the power of peace."

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This is such a great money saver for the winter months! My husband and I live in a small apartment where we pay a monthly electricity bill. We found this video a couple weeks ago and I had to share because we're so excited to try it when it get's cold again.

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What a classic "Baby's First Birthday" picture with a really great twist! :)

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I hate damaging my hair with a curling iron, this is such a great method to curl hair fairly quickly and with ease without damaging it at all! I'm excited to try this tomorrow :)

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Intense Mario Nail Art

I would never do this on my fingers, but it's a pretty wicked picture! That must have taken a few hours to do.... It would make me want to play video games all day :)

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I love doing this on my finger nails... It's super easy, and I don't use fake nails like she does in the video, I just tape around the sides of my nails to keep them clean from polish while applying.

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Credit: Roberto Osornio Photography

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