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Looking to get somewhere quick and inexpensively? Spirit Airlines is definitely the way to go. Although their fees only covers your "gas and a$$" (Their words not mine), I have no problem packing a weekend's worth of stuff in a backpack, if it means not paying $200 for a one-way ticket. Their fares are low, sometimes even $38, and most of their flight attendants are hilarious and make your flight enjoyable!

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Living in DFW for so long, I often find myself thinking the only thing our area has to offer for leisure is a trip to the mall or movies. But come on let's face it, money is tight, window shopping will eventually test our self control, and $10.50 for a movie ticket plus an arm and a leg for refreshments is just plain absurd. Luckily I just found Coyote Drive In. It is a great venue featuring 3 big screens and topped off with concession stands and food trucks. Better yet, it's affordable! Just $8 a ticket gets you a front row seat for two movies in one night! You can either broadcast sound from your radio (they'll jump your car at the end), or pay $5 for a soundbox, and set up on the lawn! I definitely recommend it for a night out!

Posted in Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex

The recent trailer from the movie, Lucy, resurfaces the age-long myth that humans are estimated to use only 10% of our brains. It's crazy that we have researchers who are well on the way to mapping out their way to mapping out the entire brain (if they haven't already), yet completely inaccurate myths like this one are still widely believed. Check out more of the most popular legends about our brains here: How many did you think were true?

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Gopher State

Ever wonder where Minnesota got its nickname as a Gopher State? The term originated from a political cartoon...Check out more from the link!

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The University of Minnesota was actually established seven years before the state of Minnesota was founded in 1858.

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Gatorade is a refreshing drink, and comes in a multitude of flavors to satisfy anyone's taste buds. Keep in mind, however, even though it is a "healthy" drink, its purpose is to replenish the body after loss of electrolytes through sweating, so if you drink it outside of exercising this can be detrimental to your health! Stay safe, and stay hydrated with water in most cases!

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Of all the scholarship search engines, I like Zinch the best! It compiles a HUGE list of possible scholarships and you can filter them by deadline, amount of award, and many other options! It also helps with college search/matching too!

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Chic-fil-a Copy cat

This sandwich tastes exactly like the chain restaurant's creation! The key is the pickle juice! Perfect for the nights when you don't want to go out, or those Sunday-Chic-fil-a-Craving Blues!

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Cursed with a sweet tooth, but counting calories! Check out this website for 100 healthy dessert recipes that will be sure not to disappoint!

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Vanilla Bean Shortbread

Yum, so simple, yet so tasty!

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