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OKAY this website is literally the best thing. You sign up and you're paired with a buddy who has similar interests to you and they become your new friend and you're able to support each other and make sure you both have great days and just be a good friend to them because they probably really need it, and who doesn't need a friend? If you've got a twitter and a happy heart, the Buddy Project is for you.

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One of the most beautiful pieces of choral music I've ever sang. We're singing this in my high school choir and dedicating it to a boy from our school who took his own life, so it's incredibly special.

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False Eyelashes

Ladies, if you want false eyelashes, THESE ARE LITERALLY THE BEST ONES TO GET I PROMISE YOU. They're mink, super durable and you can wear them so many times and they still look perfect, they come in this super cute box, and for the quality they are, the prices isn't that bad. They have casual ones and stage-y ones and they're so perfect okay really.

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Suicide Prevention Day

I posted this on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, but I could only hope that every day we're paying the amount attention to this issue that it deserves. So many precious lives have been lost to suicide, and it saddens me so deeply to think that we may not be doing all we can to help prevent it. You never know the people around you that are hurting and broken inside. Remember to be a friend to everyone and keep an open mind, an open heart, and open arms. Ask people how their day was, ask them if they're okay, let people know you care. A little goes a long way sometimes.

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If you haven't heard this song, please listen to it. It changed my life, turned me on to Twenty One Pilots, and I'm having a great time learning all the words. Plus, the video rocks. All around a great song.

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Cake + Milkshake???

EVERYONE needs to have this recipe. Cake batter milkshakes are so important. Don't forget the sprinkles.

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Feminism and Pageantry

LOTS of controversy over this, esp. after Miss America last week. Heres my two bits. Scholarship pageants are NOT about the objectification of women, unattainable standards, etc. I love the Miss America system because yes, its about looking fit and beautiful onstage, but its far more about the confidence and personality you showcase onstage rather than the way your makeup looks. You have to be well rounded- talented, personable, intelligent, with a strong platform. Miss America is a JOB of service and volunteerism. Thats what feminism is about. Building each other up. Chasing dreams. Proving women can be both beautiful AND intelligent and accomplish so much. I truly think the traits these women possess make them feminist icons.

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