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Havasu Falls in Arizona

How beautiful is this? Located near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Havasu falls is a must for adventure lovers. You can hike in and then enjoy a swim in this turquoise water. Definitely on for the bucket list!

Posted in Adventure

Bring Your Drawing to Life

Now how cool is this? I found on this article on Buzzfeed about a company who takes drawings and turns it into a real stuffed animal!

Posted in Toy

A Cool Trick to Beat the Heat

Don't have a pool? Don't fret - Make a water blob! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Posted in Summer

Mosaic Plate out of CD's

Who doesn't love a good DIY? I find this absolutely beautiful and so simple. What a great way to revamp on old plate with recyclable materials!

Posted in Do it yourself

The Beauty in Simplicity

Who doesn't love tea cups? And succulents? And what about them together - Genius! This looks so simple yet so beautiful, definitely a craft I will be trying out. How about you? Click the link below to find more awesome DIY's!

Posted in Succulent plant

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Posted in Sussle


I met this little girl on one of my recent volunteer trips to Haiti - Now, how beautiful is this little girl? The innocence in her eyes is just breathtaking. Definitely a moment in time I will never forget as I held her hand and sang creole melodies.

Posted in Photography

A Bed Within a Bed…Get it?

Now doesn't this just look completely awesome! This would be so fun to try out one summer break, maybe with a loved one or friend? What do you think?

Posted in Fun

Travel Bug

Who doesn't love to travel? This is such a cool and genius way to mark your travels. This could even double as beautiful wall art! Imagine the giddy-ness you would get once you get to scratch off another state or country!

Posted in Travel

What Arizona Has to Offer

Who said Arizona can't be pretty? This shot is of Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona - a beautifully unique red rock canyon that is the perfect destination for hikers, photographers and nature lovers!

Posted in Nature