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all of Buzzfeed's videos are hilarious, check them out if you have a spare minute

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Maggie Ziegler just earned a profile!

Please welcome Maggie by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

Essentially a modern day version of Where's Waldo. A man is painted to completely blend in with the background.

Posted in Illusion

These groups of guys reveal how many songs are played with the same simple 4 chords. It's a 5 min video that is truly insane.

Posted in College Humor

Snippets of Lil Wayne, Snoop, Juicy J and lots more. Just click their face and make some beats-- really entertaining

Posted in Rapping

Hilarious, sarcastic cartoons of how to achieve hipsterhood. Definitely worth a look.

Posted in Hipster

There are no limits when it comes to love.

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