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Who REALLY takes these

And now we know..

Posted in Humour

Cost of College

But really..

Posted in College

Mash up

Frozen & Emporer's new groove Mash up

Posted in Frozen (2013 film)

Book Challenge!

A great way to make sure you're reading well rounded not just one genre

Posted in Book

Do it yourself travel globe!

Get a globe and put a light on the inside. Every time you travel to a new place use a drill to put a hole in the globe where you visited! This is a pretty cool way to remember all the places you've been and you can even use it to decorate.

Posted in Do it yourself

Snowman Vase

What you need: a vase epsom salt ribbon buttons white translucent glass paint spray acrylic scissors hot glue foam or paint brush blow dryer Steps: 1)Put glue on vase 2)Sprinkle salts on the vase 3)Use a blow dryer to dry paint (this will also turn the salts a white color) 4)Spray on acrylic 5)Use hot glue to put on scarf and buttons

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