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Posted in Sailor Moon

"Why... It's a dream come true!"

Posted in Cinderella (Disney character)

"My heart has wings and I can fly. I'll touch every star in the sky."

Posted in Cinderella (Disney character)

Who could resist a hedgehog taking a bath?? \(-3-)/

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"A sleepless woman could always rise from her bed, wrap a shawl around her shoulders and sit on the steps in the moonlight. And if she felt like it she could walk out the yard and on down the road. No lamp and no fear. A hiss-crackle from the side of the road would never scare her because what ever it was that made that sound, it wasn't something creeping up on her. Nothing for miles around thought she was prey. She could stroll as slowly as she liked, thinking of food preparations, of family things, or lift her eyes to the stars and think of war or nothing at all. Lampless and without fear she could make her way. And if a light shone from a window up a ways and the cry of a colicky baby caught her attention, she might step over to the house and call out softly to the woman inside trying to soothe the baby. The two of them might take turns massaging the infant stomach, rocking, or trying to get a little soda water down. When the baby quieted they could sit together for a spell, gossiping, chuckling low so as not to wake anybody else. The woman could decide to go back to her bed then, refreshed and ready to sleep, or she might stay her direction and walk further down the road, past other houses, past the three churches, past the feedlot. On out, beyond the limits of town, because nothing at the edge thought she was prey." - Toni Morrison (Paradise)

Posted in Feminism

"I wish I'd done everything on Earth with you." - F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

Posted in Romance novel

"Miss someone until they come back, or until you come back, until their absence in your life becomes something to be avoided at all costs. Miss them until you don’t have to anymore, until you’re reunited in your favorite booth in your favorite restaurant ordering your favorite meal, miss them until it feels like you never left. Or miss them until you can’t anymore, until the things you miss are identified and cataloged as things and not a person, until you figure out that easy company and long talks and unblinking, all-knowing eye contact will find you again the way they found you the first time. Miss someone until you don’t." - Stephanie Georgopulus

Posted in Friendship

For all you Zelda fans.

Posted in Cake

Mermaids-mythical or real? The world may never know, at least perhaps in our generation. Mermaids have always been around. These half-fish and half-human creatures that we all know and love have been portrayed through paintings on the walls of caves, stories of journeys across our untamed seas, and movies, one of which is my personal favorite, "The Little Mermaid." Could it have been possible that mermaids were once in harmony with humans on land? Before any type of technology was invented, different countries all across the globe embodied half-fish and half-human creatures in their artworks. Each piece tells a story; each piece captures the same features, the features of a mermaid. How can these countries, countries on the opposite sides of the planet that have no source of communication to one another, know about a mermaid's true form? Based on a scientific theory shown on "Mermaids: The Body Found," the first species of Homo sapiens withheld a high intelligence and quickly found alternate ways for adapting to their environment. For example, when natural disasters struck- volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.- what once were unified species might have split off into two groups, one group choosing land while the other chose sea. Overtime, humans on land learned to survive by using their hands to create tools for hunting, huts for living, and languages for communicating. Mermaids, the group who chose the sea, also learned to do the same, except underwater. Since all of these actions are necessary for survival, the body must change to improve life for the species. This is a function known as evolution. Mermaids may or may not exist; whether you believe it or not, that's up to you. In a recent discovery done by research scientists, DNA samples showed that polar bears, nearly aquatic animals, descended from brown bears, terrestrial animals. This type of study shows that any species can develop new traits to fit their new environment. Mermaids may or may not be real; however, the opportunity for a new discovery is always real and the possibilities in this world are unlimited.

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