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Top gear provides a great review of this beautiful super-car.

Posted in Pagani

What are some majors that may hinder you financially?

Posted in Major

The causes and effect of inflation.

Posted in Inflation

Shapeways is a website that allows you to create, design, and sell your 3D printed model's on their site.

Posted in 3D printing

Ever thought 3D printers could print new organs? Well they can.

Posted in 3D printing

A new Pokemon that looks like Mewtwo.

Posted in Pokémon

This video tells you which metal is the rarest.

Posted in Precious metal

The sun is extremely powerful!

Posted in Sun

Scientific/ evolutionary reasoning behind why some animals lead monogamous relationships.

Posted in Monogamy

The human brain is so powerful. Just compare it to the world's fastest computer and you will appreciate your brain a lot more.

Posted in Brain