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These 15 Quotes were voted on by fans to be the most important quotes from Pixar movies. Some are just purely funny, overs are memorable, and many yank on your hearth strings.

Posted in Pixar

This video provides an in-depth analysis about the film Ghostbusters and why we love it so much. It examines it's unconventional story-telling, hidden themes about science and religion, and the time period it come out in affecting how the movie was made.

Posted in Ghostbusters

They Might be Giants is releasing a new song every week this year in their event called "Dial-aSong" this is my favorite song that they've released so far.

Posted in They Might Be Giants

This video tells all shorts of trivia and fan theories centered around Mew and explains some of the best ways to use Mew in battle!

Posted in Mew (Pokémon)

Eating Pokemon?!?!?!

Farfetch'd was meant t be eaten in the Pokemon universe? Can you believe that!

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