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Freshman in college. I am interested in cats and Harry Potter.


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Oh, magic conch...

Will I win this scholarship?

Posted in SpongeBob SquarePants


Some days, I just feel like Garfield. Well more like everyday....but you get the point.

Posted in Garfield

You're welcome Mom

Man am I really thankful for this one.

Posted in Sarcasm


I'm at about that point in life (college), where life is getting really hard (college), and I just want to be a cat (not college).

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A Christmas Petey

Dogs in sweaters are the best kinds of dogs

Posted in Dog's fashion


So, we may not have been on the actual show, but we did kick but in our culinary class's version of Chopped. "We're the Lumberjacks, cause we're chopping down the competition"

Posted in Chopped (TV series)

Petting Zoo

Here's to that time I went to Cedar Point and my favor part was the petting zoo!

Posted in Cedar Point

Where does the time go?

Last time I checked, my nephew couldn't walk and he wasn't almost a year old! It's crazy how kids grow up so quickly!

Posted in Infant


Havoc doesn't care if you can't throw the stick (branch), he'll just play by himself!

Posted in Dog

Sky High

Flying high above the rest of the world is such a luxury that not everyone gets to experience, but if you do, enjoy it.

Posted in Flying