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Sac State

Deaf Studies and Special needs education

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Bad Timing

Yay you made it 5 minutes before we close, when in reality everything is pretty much closed at that time but just by you sitting down you are holding back all the kitchen staff, the dish washers, Bussers, Bartenders, servers etc. We all have to wait until you leave so we can finish up everything again. As a server it is very frustrating, especially when I already had a long day and then now I have to stay an extra hour just because they got there 5 minutes before, and everyone else has to wait even longer than I do. So please be considerate of everyone in the restaurant before you think about walking into a restaurant 5 minutes before they close.

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The key to winning Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Who would have thought that Joey would have the key to winning......Fire!

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Soccer life.

This is what I said for thirteen years, nope can't I have soccer. :)

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Tables all at once!

If the server takes a while to greet you or has a bunch of drinks on their tray when they say hi to you it is because they got overwhelmed with multiple tables at once. Many times hosts will seat a server three tables at once because that is what opened up at the time, but not really thinking about how hard it can be to manage all of that in a timely manner. It sometimes makes even the best servers look horrible to guests. Lesson to learn, there is a lot more to serving tables than people realize.

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Where did my pen go?

As a waitress you constantly lose pens, whether it's a guest that takes it with them or you set it down and another waiter picks it up. Either way you show up to work with 10 pens and walk out with 2, lesson to learn is never set down your favorite pens.

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It just got real!

This moment amplified how much Carol has changed since the first season, talk about major character development. Who ever thought that den mother Carol would say this to a child.

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