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Sometimes, it's not until you take a step back and look at the whole...

Crafts with the girls in Nicaragua. You'd never know how hard some of them have it with the smiles on their faces

Posted in Humour

Sometimes in life, you need a little help to pass through shallow waters

Ometepe, Nicaragua- kayaking through the jungle

Posted in Travel

Happiness- It's not how much stuff you have.  It's about finding joy...

This photo was taken in a very poor area of Corinto, Nicaragua. He is one of the children that comes to our feeding center every day to get what may be his only meal that day. He lives in a house made of sticks, plastic, and anything else they can find on the beach. You would never know by the smile on his face.

Posted in Happiness

Nicaragua Kitchen/ Back yard

To us, this may look like a filthy, uninhabitable place that one can't live in. To them, it's a way of life and all they know. First world vs. third world country.

Posted in Poverty

Leon, Nicaragua Market street

Not even a looming storm approaching can ruin your mood

Posted in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Love Birds

View from my window as I wake up in paradise.

Posted in Ocean

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua-Calm after the storm sunset

Beautiful, vibrant Orange, purple and yellow sky as the sun sets from stormy dreary day. What you can't see is that on the other side of the sky is a double rainbow.

Posted in Ocean

Nicaraguan morning wakeup

Rolling waves hit the shore as you open your eyes to a brand new day.

Posted in Ocean