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I love going to the Grand Hotel every year! Its always beautiful

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A.P biology class chicks :)

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I long for the days I an go outside and see all the different colors again

Posted in Autumn

Just the beginning

12 years of hard work, endless nights staying up late doing homework, stressful test, exams, test, getting new teachers, facing peer pressure, trying to fit in spent just for this day, for me to walk and receive a piece of paper. It was so worth it, and I cant wait to see what the future holds.

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Equality brings peace

Growing up I've always been a victim of racism. Many ignore the fact that racism still exist, and fail to put in effort in bringing it to an end. My junior year of highschool, I was in the musical All Shook up, in which I fell in Love with a white person. After one of my shows, a little girl asked me why I kissed a white person if I was black, and I looked up and the parent didn't say anything. In shock, I quickly replied, because we are all human,we both have a brain, and a heart, the only thing different is the color of our skin. We are all like M&M's different on the outside and same on the inside. This was life changing for me, and motivated me to bring an end to racism in every way possible.

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