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In which I discuss my recent travels as well as my thoughts on travel. What do you think about travel? Where do you love to travel?

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I cant believe it!

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Netflix & Birds

Pretty good thoughts on dating.

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Perfect quote

Brene Brown, slam dunk once again.

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The oldest trees in the world.

The Quaking Aspen trees across the northwest are incredible. "The world’s largest and possibly oldest living organism is Pando, a Quaking Aspen clone in Utah. Aspen trees flourish in much of North America, but in the western US a genetic adaptation allows them to propagate not by seed, but by cloning. By some estimations the Aspen grove known as Pando, that's Latin for I spread, could be shoots from a clone as much as 80,000 years old." ( Have you ever seen bamboo grow? These trees grow similarly to that, they pop up shoots all around that are generated from elongated roots, so each tree in a grove is genetically identical! This evolutionary technique has lead to a pretty long lifespan!

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Really cool new covers!

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This sure looks like fun.

Really awesome idea! So cool.

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Its a SNAKE CAKE! And it is incredible!

Such a beautifully done cake!!!

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